AMP Mobile Website Designers

When designing for the mobile web, we use Google AMP to easily create fast rich user-first experience mobile websites.

Mobile Web Design

You keep your existing website.

We do not need access to that.

We build you a highly optimised version just for your mobile users.

We host your new mobile website on our secure London servers.

Your mobile website will be completed with 14 days.

The new experience for your users will be greatly improved, as will your rankings in Google Search.

We help local businesses get found more online.

"It might take a few years before we reach every single local business in the UK, but we’ll continue to work hard until we get there."

Advice is free, so start a conversation.

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What is Google AMP?

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source HTML framework developed by Google that provides a straightforward way to create web pages that are fast, smooth-loading and prioritise the user-experience above all else.

What are the Benefits of AMP?

Google Search indexes AMP pages to provide a fast, reliable web experience.

When an AMP page is available, it is featured on mobile search as part of rich results and carousels.

Google pre-caches your AMP page before the user even clicks on it, thus making it load near instantaneously.

If your website is currently super slow-loading for users on a mobile connection, they will notice an instant improvement in load speed times.

Faster load time leads to better engagement, which reduces bounce rate and improves mobile ranking.

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AMP Mobile Web Designers

We are Mobile Web Designers trained by Google to follow their guidelines for mobile web design.

The mobile web design framework we implement is Google AMP
Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Depending on the industry you are in, over 75% of people visiting your website, could be using a mobile phone.

User experience is key on a mobile phone, so let us improve your website's performance.

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Mobile Web Design Trends

Mobile users tend to be very goal-oriented.

They expect to be able to get what they need from a mobile site easily, immediately, and on their own terms.

Whether it’s making a purchase, getting a quote or joining an email list, your user's experience should be as seamless as possible.

Mobile Web Design Principles

  1. Build a Mobile Website

    You may have been told you have a mobile website, so Test your website's performance.

  2. Clickable Logo

    Make sure your logo is clickable and links to your home page to allow visitors to easily get to get back home.

    Your entire logo should be visible at the top of the web page.

  3. Mobile Menu

    Include a mobile menu, also called a hamburger menu, to replace your standard menu.

  4. Phone Number at the Top

    Place your contact number at the very top of the page, as most people will only be looking for this.

    Make your contact number clickable so people can easily call you.

  5. Your Address

    Add your address to the bottom of every page.

    Include a link to Google Maps so mobile users can get directions to you.

  6. Business Description

    Tell your visitors what you can do for them by explaining this at the top of the page.

    Within seconds they will decide if they are in the right place for what they are searching for.

  7. More White Space

    Use space between sections and make links easy to click with fingers.

  8. Use Less Words

    Using less words and more images and call to action buttons makes it easier for mobile users to find what they need and contact you.

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Mobile Web Designers

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Website Performance Test

Recommended by Google, Lighthouse is an open-source, automated tool for improving the quality of web pages.

You can run it against any web page.

It will audit your website for performance, accessibility, best practices and SEO

How to run a Google Audit on your website

- Use's free web tool

- Install the Lighthouse extension

For Developers

- Press F12

1. Open your Chrome browser
2. Open an incognito window
3. Go to your website
4. To open the rabbit hole
Ctrl-Shift-I or
Press F12 or
Right-click mouse & click Inspect
5. The rabbit hole opens
6. Click >>
7. Click Audits
8. Click Run audits
Test Complete

1. Install Firefox
2. Open Firefox
3. Go to your website
4. Click the menu

5. Scroll to the bottom

6. Click Lighthouse

7. Click Generate Report

Test Complete

Compare your website to

More Google testing tools:

Search console
Page speed insights
AMP test
Rich results test
Structured data test

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How much does
a website cost?

Service #1

Essential Mobile Service


Mobile only version of your website
7 AMP Pages
Advanced Backlinking
Hosting & Maintenance


Service #2

6 Months SEO Service

£2,000 or £4,000
per month

We guarantee to at least double your investment within 6 months, or we'll refund you double your investment.

12-18 months mobile web strategy


Service #3


£20,000 and 3%

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Mobile SEO

In our opinion

SEO = Code + Content + Backlinks

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AMP Stories

Like Instagram stories, but on your website.

It's easier to show you

Click on a pet

Or use AMP Stories as websites 247Web.Fit

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Contact Us

When we move into our offices we will have somewhere for you to visit.

Until then

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Mobile Web Developer Jobs

Become Mobile Web Designers by learning and using best practices for mobile web design.

Train to be a Google Certified Mobile Web Specialist.

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